About Myreka

We are a knowledge-based company with a passion for technology. Established in 2006 to provide product design solutions for the electronics industry, we have since progressed to providing full product realization solutions, from design to manufacturing.

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Our Solutions

We use our key technologies in signal processing, networking and communications to differentiate our solutions from our competitors.

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26 Mar 2018 – Myreka contributes to judging for the Keysight i-CIPTA Challenge more

23 Mar 2018 – Myreka contributes towards test & measurement hub more

02 Aug 2017 – Myreka contributes to judging for the IEEE SS12 Design Competition more

18 Jul 2017 – Myreka gives Introduction to Test talk to engineering students more

26 Apr 2017 – Myreka sponsors Women In The Workplace Forum more

15 Dec 2016 – Myreka participates in CEO Faculty Programme more

22 Nov 2015 – Myreka collaborates with MMU to develop a camera-based contactless heart rate measurement system more

14 Feb 2015 – Myreka participates in Kelantan flood relief more

30 Oct 2014 – Myreka wins MSC APICTA Award for its Smart Street Light Control Solution more

12 Apr 2014 - Myreka sponsors UTAR’s Robo Olympics competition for schools more

18 Mar 2014 - Myreka participates in UniMAP Career Fair more

5 Mar 2014 - Myreka gives career talk at UTAR Industrial Exposure Day more

27 Jun 2013 - Myreka sponsors motivation program for schools in Kelantan more

26 Sep 2012 - Myreka collaborates with UniMAP, USM and Deakin University to develop the Cmizer Circuit Optimizer more

10 Nov 2011 - Myreka to become ODM partner of Agilent Technologies more

25 Mar 2009 - Myreka director discusses benefits of Agilent VEE at programming competition ceremony more