Partnering with us is the first step towards transforming your ideas into world-class products. We provide a one-stop center to take your product idea from design to manufacturing, through the following phases:


Based on the customer requirements, our team of consultants will perform a feasibility study that includes customer requirements, product concept and costing analyses to generate a business proposal.


Once you have agreed to our business proposal, we will form a project team with the required skillsets to complete the following tasks:
  • Product architecture design
  • Electronic design
  • Mechanical design
  • Software development
  • Design validation
  • Regulatory compliance testing


Because we design your product, we know best how to manufacture it. You can rest assured that your product will meet its delivery and quality requirements once it enters mass production, with Myreka taking on the role of your virtual order fulfillment team in the following areas:
  • Sourcing
  • Planning
  • Assembly
  • Test
  • Logistics
  • Support

Myreka has key technologies in signal processing, networking and communications, enabling us to deliver innovative new products and solutions that stand out from their competitors.

Signal Processing

Myreka is at the forefront in developing techniques and algorithms to process and analyze real-world signals in the areas of audio analysis and video analytics. Our algorithms are used to perform harmonic distortion analysis, weighted noise measurements, and object/event classification; and have been deployed in both DSP-based and FPGA-based embedded systems.

Audio analysis

We possess core expertise in generating and analyzing audio signals in both analog and digital domains, for consumer as well as professional 24-bit audio formats. We have extensive experience in low-noise, high isolation, multi-channel audio circuit design, and have code libraries for FFT windowing, digital filter design and quasi-peak detection.

Video analytics

We have developed several algorithms to filter and interpret events from video images for consumer and industrial applications. The algorithms are targeted for embedded video analytic applications where real-time monitoring and processing of events of interest are performed, and intelligent decisions initiated based on the information extracted.

Networking & Communications

Myreka has developed technology for converting protocols between devices for connect and control purposes. Our communications protocols allow computers over a secured network to access devices for data acquisition and control. We have designs for the following protocols: IEEE 802.3-2008, IEEE-488.2, USB, UART, PCI, PCIe and PXI.

Myreka is able to provide a full product realization solution to transform your idea into reality. Depending on your need, you may also choose to engage us separately for one of the following: design, design validation or manufacturing.


We have the following design capabilities, allowing us to develop a complete consumer or industrial product from your initial idea.
  • Electronics circuit design – high-speed, analog, digital, low noise analog, audio
  • PCB layout design
  • Field-programmable gate array (Altera FPGA) design
  • Embedded systems (ARM core, ADI DSP) design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Driver, middleware, application, web application and embedded software development (C/C++, C#, VEE, LabVIEW, PHP, ASP, SQL, HTML, Android apps, Java, Javascript)
  • Human machine interface (graphical user interface) design

Example projects:
  • Audio signal analyzer
  • Digital audio analysis module
  • Audio test software suite
  • Audio switch
  • Remote communications gateway
  • RF power measurement firmware
  • Smart battery charger
  • Smart street light control

Design Validation

Before an engineering prototype can be released for mass production, it needs to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it consistently meets its defined user needs and intended uses. Myreka has a dedicated design validation group to qualify a product comprehensively based on its functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability. The key to ensuring a product meets its customer requirements is to develop an extensive validation plan. The validation plan is divided into two areas:

  • Hardware qualification
  • Software qualification

Hardware qualification can be a qualitative or quantitative procedure, and covers a wide range of functional and performance evaluations where emphasis is on the final measurable characteristic.

Software qualification not only consists of validating software functionality and performance, but also includes compatibility testing with a wide range of other applications and different versions of operating systems. Regression testing is an important aspect of software qualification, where the objective is to ensure that new code releases do not adversely affect existing code.


Myreka has an integrated MRP system that ensures your product gets delivered where and when you want it, while our engineering team ensures it meets its performance and quality requirements. Myreka’s process and test engineers work closely with our design team to incorporate design-for-manufacturing and design-for-test principles early in the development phase. To reduce the risk of potential failures in manufacturing, our quality engineer will initiate a comprehensive failure-mode-and-effects-analysis study with our design and manufacturing teams. When you engage Myreka for your manufacturing, you can be confident that your product will be delivered on time and with uncompromising quality.